World Green Infrastructure Congress 2014 | World Green Infrastructure Congress 7-10 October 2014 Sydney, Australia
The 2014 World Green Infrastructure Congress in Sydney on 07-10 October will present expert speakers on green roof, living wall and landscape urban planning to provide vision, technology, research data and design inspiration for sustainable green cities developing with nature. The 2014 WGIC will hold plenary sessions, green site tours, social networking events and accredited training workshops. This will be an International Event with participants passionate about promoting green infrastructure for urban development.
Green Infrastrcture Congress
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The World Green Infrastructure Congress

The World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) has an international membership of 17 countries, holding bi-annual Congresses to promote urban greening, green roofs & living facades as one solution to mitigating the impacts of climate change, improving building energy efficiency and reconnecting urban populations with nature.

Green Roofs Australasia (GRA) will host the Congress at the Australian Technology Park in the heart of beautiful Sydney. The Congress will present the latest global research; best practice projects; Green Infrastructure Technology Expo; USA training workshops by accredited lecturers; Sydney eco-tours and post congress travel packages in Australia and New Zealand.

Green Infrastructure incorporating vegetation technologies is a rapidly expanding industry and GRA will present global leaders to share experience, research data, technology developments; future direction, policy incentives and education during the four day congress.

Matthew Dillon (GRA President; WGIN Board member)

Sydney the Host City

03. Harbour Bridge Fireworks

WGIC 2014 will be held in the heart of Sydney. The city is defined at the perimeter by three National Parks and the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches along it’s coastline, all providing visitors with an abundance of enjoyable natural beauty. Visitors to the Congress will be treated to a friendly, safe and culturally diverse city with post congress tours available for memorable trips across Australia. During the Congress, delegates can choose to go on a guided tour of Green Sites in the Inner City, which will culminate in a picnic lunch at the world famous Royal Botanic Gardens, with the Sydney Opera House as the backdrop. We warmly invite you to join us for this experience.

Expert Speakers


WGIC 2014 will present the world’s leading experts on green roof, living wall and urban landscape research and technology. Speakers include Dr. Manfred Koehler, Germany; Steven Peck, USA; Prof. Xiamin Wang, China; Mr. Jeffrey Bruce, USA; Mr. Warwick Savvas, Australia and many more. See the full list here. The Organising Committee has chosen the leading designers, researchers and advocates to share knowledge, to educate and to inspire us all to develop with nature by incorporating green infrastructure into our urban fabric.

Case Studies/Workshops

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CASE STUDIES: WGIC 2014 will study and explore the uniqueness of structures like One Central Park, Barangaroo Headland Park, Victorian Desalination Plant and other buildings in USA, Europe and Singapore.

WORKSHOPS: WGIC 2014 will feature LEED (USA) accredited training workshops on a variety of topics such as Green Roof/Living Walls, Green Roof Infrastructure, Green Roof Urban Agriculture and Integrated Water Management.